sometimes i forget that i’ll have to pay for internet in the future


If you have a crush on me, anonymously tell me why.


i don’t even see the profile pictures but i can see the fedora


You are and always shall be, my friend

The scientist -Coldplay // Exile Vilify -The National // These and more than these - Joseph Fink // Coin operated boy -The Dresden Dolls // What you know -Two Door Cinema Club // I’ll Try - Jonatha Brooke // Savior - Rise Against // The Man I knew - Dessa // Who wants to live forever - Queen // To Zanarkand - FFX // Once upon a dream -Sleeping Beauty // All those friendly people- Funeral Suits // Nothing at all -Molotov Cocktail Party // Somewhere only we know - Lily Allen // Best of friends - Fox & The Hound // + 2 bonus songs


pepsiman is simultaneously the most terrifying and most raw commercial mascot i’ve ever seen


Hey, Toothless. I’m happy to see you, too! 

This is… SCARILY 3D. .__.